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RSSOwl is a free and powerful news feed reader. RSSOwl lets you gather, organize and search news in a convenient, easy to use interface with endless flexibility.

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Take a look at our Overview and Features section with videos to get a detailed overview of what makes RSSOwl special.

Mac Disk Image for RSSOwl 2.2.1 available

I decided to update the disk image for Mac to the latest version 2.2.1. It is now the default download for Macs from SourceForge. You can download it from here. Next step is to get RSSOwl into the Mac App store. Uh oh, should I even try? Let's discuss here.

RSSOwl 2.2.1 is available

After some time without news from RSSOwl, I am happy to release version 2.2.1. You will now find quick access to common actions like archiving or labeling right below the article content. Especially for articles with lots of content this means you no longer have to scroll all the way up to the title to run actions on the news. In addition, some broken keyword feeds have been fixed and new ones added.

If you are interested in providing new features or bug fixes to RSSOwl, please check out our GitHub repository and provide pull requests. I will be happy to review them. Thanks!

Vote for RSSOwl!

Since 1st of July, Google Reader is no longer running. In RSSOwl 2.2 the option to synchronize with Google was taken out and RSSOwl continues to work as news reader. We are currently exploring other options for synchronization but it is too early to announce anything just yet. If you are happy with RSSOwl, consider to add your vote on this page that lists alternatives to Google Reader. Thanks!

Migrating feeds over from Google Reader

In RSSOwl 2.2 the option to import feeds from Google Reader was removed. If you are interested in migrating all your feeds from Google Reader over to RSSOwl, please install the previous RSSOwl 2.1.6 and run the import from there. After the import you can easily update to RSSOwl 2.2 (Help | Check for Updates) and continue the migration by selecting Tools | Unsubscribe from Google Reader.

RSSOwl 2.2 released

This new version provides an easy way to unsubscribe from Google Reader as Google decided to stop this service end of June. Please find more details in this FAQ entry.
In addition, you can now export a feed as CSV file (File | Save as...) and among some bugfixes, some new share providers where added (Google Plus, Pocket).
I would like to send out a big thank you for the donations that where submitted over the past weeks!

Updated instructions how to build RSSOwl

It was about time to provide up to date instructions how to build RSSOwl using Eclipse. Head over to rssowl-target and find the instructions in the summary. We are encouraging other developers to provide pull requests on our GitHub project page!