RSSOwl might be the perfect tool for handling your company's information. The application goes beyond a simple news reader by providing an easy way to pre-configure every aspect of it and allowing to extend it to understand any kind of information format.

It is easy to provide an installation of RSSOwl that is fully customized:
  • Preconfigured list of subscriptions
  • Customized saved searches to focus on important information
  • Preconfigured news filters to automatically process news
  • Preset preferences and user settings
RSSOwl can be extended to understand any format of information:
  • Support for various protocols like mail, nntp, or databases
  • Support for other file formats like office documents or web sites
  • Support for custom namespaces and elements in XML formats
RSSOwl can be installed into any Eclipse application
  • Easily install RSSOwl into an existing Eclipse application
  • Update site available from here
  • Find installation instructions here

Feel free to contact us for further information and consulting.