Announcing RSSOwl 2.0

A lot of users might have already heard me speaking about the next major version of RSSOwl in emails or the forum and wondered why there is no more information available here. Other people might have wondered why there hasn't been a RSSOwl 1.3 for the past year. Well, sorry for not blogging about this important news earlier, I am going to give you some details in this news!

Actually the idea to work on a completly new RSSOwl was born back in Summer 2005. At that time it became clear to me that it was very hard to catch up with the features of other readers without redesigning everything. I teamed up with another developer (Ismael) to work on RSSOwl 2 from scratch. Our main goal is to provide a newsreader that is powerful, easy to extend and easy to use. We chose the Eclipse Rich Client Platform as framework and db4o as powerfull database to store all the news. In combination with the well-known full-text search engine Lucene, we are able to implement exciting new features.

I will announce more details about a preview version for all to play with later this week. You will be able to either use RSSOwl 2 as standalone application, or add it as extension to your Eclipse.

If you are attending the EclipseCon, I will be there too, giving a demo on RSSOwl 2.0 on Wednesday.