Work on Milestone 9 has started

One of the first steps in this new milestone is to move on to using Eclipse 3.4. Some of the cool benefits doing so is the ability to automatically retrieve proxy settings from the operating system (including proxy scripts that are popular in companies). Check out our nightlies if you can not wait until the final release.

As you can see from our roadmap, the top items for milestone 9 are
  • Scalability of the feed view
  • News Filter
The former should make it possible to display even thousands of news at once, without noticable slowdown. Think about showing the contents of a folder instantly as soon as you select it.

News Filter should will be fun. You will be able to define search-conditions and bind them to a certain action. E.g. showing the notifier, whenever a certain condition is true, or automatically labeling a news based on a condition.

Stay tuned for more info on the progress of M9!