Better search in Milestone 9 *Update*

We have just completed a large task in the area of searching for news. A new search-specifier "contains all" was introduced that will ensure that a matching news contains all of the words as opposed to any. The existing specifier "contains" was renamed to "contains any" to match the old behavior. The default specifier when creating a new search now matches with what one usually gets from web search engines (all words have to match). In addition, wild-cards are now supported throughout all search-conditions.

If you want to give M9 a try, you can grab a recent nightly build. Usually, these builds are stable enough to be used everyday.

For the future, we will have a look at supporting phrase searches. This will allow for even more powerful search conditions where one can search for word phrases instead of just single words.

Stay tuned for more to come in the near future!

Update: Phrase search is now implemented and will be part of the upcoming M9 release!