Use RSSOwl to track the world cup (or any other topic)

RSSOwl is very powerful when it comes to searching or filtering news by topic. Given the current world cup in Brazil, let's try to find out how RSSOwl can help us finding related news to this event.

Searching across News
The fastest way to get some results is by searching across all news you are subscribed to (Edit | Search News). Just type your topic and see results below.

The most relevant results will show up sorted to the top. This gives you a quick overview of the results. You can refine your search by adding more criteria.

Saved Searches
If you are interested in search results for a particular topic, you can actually subscribe to this search as if it was a feed (File | New | Saved Search). Saved searches take a search and make it available from the feeds list. Whenever unread news come in and match your search, you will see the counter going up for the search.

A saved search behaves just like any other feed you are subscribed to.

News Filters
Finally, with news filters (Tools | News Filters) you have a very powerful tool at hand to define custom actions RSSOwl should perform whenever an article matches your search criteria. For example you can choose to be notified whenever an article talks about the world cup.

If you are interested in other features that help you manage and search your subscriptions, check out our Overview section.