Big in Berlin

I am currently on vacation in Berlin with Tobias (webmaster) and we are having a great time here. Unfortunately the weather is more autumn than summer.

Ben and Tobi

More photos are online at
I will be back in Zurich by next week having only one month left in my internship (sad).

RSSOwl on Fedora Core

Big thanks to overholt and greenrd who work on getting RSSOwl into Fedora Extras.

Overholt just posted a new entry in his blog about the progress. See this beautiful screenshot: RSSOwl on Fedora Core


Happy Birthday RSSOwl!

Today is RSSOwl's second birthday! Two years ago, 27th of July in 2003 the project went online at SourceForge.

I took this event as motivation to write an article at Techforge reflecting two years of development on RSSOwl.

I hope you will enjoy reading,

Screencasting RSSOwl with Wink

I just found out about a very cool freeware called "Wink". Wink allows to create visual tutorials on how to use a software. The result is then available as Flash Movie. Downloads are available for Windows and Linux.

Playing around with it, I came to this result: Simple Screencast of RSSOwl

If anyone is interested in creating a cool screencast about RSSOwl, let me know. Good screencasts will be added to the Overview section.


Search back online

As the title says: The search is now back online. :)

RSSOwl 1.1.3 released

The RSSOwl development team is happy to announce a brand new version after one month of hard work. This version is close to be called a 1.2, looking at the awesome new features that are in:
  • Favorites are now showing the number of unread News next to the name
  • It is now possible to drag Sub-Categories up to the Root of the Tree
  • Drag Links from other applications into RSSOwl to create new Favorites
  • Most input fields now allow to drag and drop Text into
  • Support for the Feed-Protocol to quickly create new Favorites
  • Tutorial was updated and cleaned-up
  • A lot of Bugfixes
Download: Windows | Linux | Mac | Solaris

May the owl be with you,

Eclipse 3.1 has been released has released version 3.1 of Eclipse, for me the best integrated development environment for Java. Congratulations! RSSOwl has evolved a lot with the ongoing development on SWT.

RSSOwl was entirely developed using Eclipse. A list of new features is available here. Thanks for adding me to the Acknowledgments.