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As the title says: The search is now back online. :)

RSSOwl 1.1.3 released

The RSSOwl development team is happy to announce a brand new version after one month of hard work. This version is close to be called a 1.2, looking at the awesome new features that are in:
  • Favorites are now showing the number of unread News next to the name
  • It is now possible to drag Sub-Categories up to the Root of the Tree
  • Drag Links from other applications into RSSOwl to create new Favorites
  • Most input fields now allow to drag and drop Text into
  • Support for the Feed-Protocol to quickly create new Favorites
  • Tutorial was updated and cleaned-up
  • A lot of Bugfixes
Download: Windows | Linux | Mac | Solaris

May the owl be with you,

Eclipse 3.1 has been released has released version 3.1 of Eclipse, for me the best integrated development environment for Java. Congratulations! RSSOwl has evolved a lot with the ongoing development on SWT.

RSSOwl was entirely developed using Eclipse. A list of new features is available here. Thanks for adding me to the Acknowledgments.

RSSOwl 1.1.2 is out

We are happy to announce the second bugfix-release for the 1.1 branch. With an update to the latest SWT version, two of the most annoying Browser bugs on windows got fixed. Say goodbye to the dialog that kept popping up, in case the visited webpage contained erroneous JavaScript. The other bugfix helps for Blogs that show images in their Newsitems. In some cases, RSSOwl showed just a blank, empty page when clicking on one of these.

On the feature side, RSSOwl 1.1.2 is bringing two new update intervals: 30 Minutes and 6 Hours. In addition it is now possible to hide the small Toolbar that is placed in the Favorites Tree by accessing its context-menu and unchecking the "Toolbar" entry.

Please see the Changelog at for a complete list of changes.


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Opened IRC Chat #rssowl at

Welcome to the new, official IRC Channel #rssowl on FreeNode. Feel free to join and discuss with users and developers.


Help Wanted: Testing RSSOwl on Win/Linux/Mac/Solaris

As posted here at SourceForge's "Project Help Wanted", we are searching for people testing RSSOwl.

If you are interested in helping, please contact me directly via Mail.


RSSOwl 1.1.1 released

We are happy to announce the first bugfix-release for the 1.1 branch.
But RSSOwl 1.1.1 is not only fixing a lot of bugs, it is also bringing back the usefull ToolBar in the Favorites Tree to perform some global actions like "Reload All Favorites" or "Mark all Favorites Read".

Other features:
  • RSSOwl is now fully supporting NTLM-based Authentication
  • Solaris release is no longer using old Motif, but state-of-the-art GTK2
  • Various Performance Improvements
  • New language Thai added
Please see the Changelog at for a complete list of changes.


Update: Thanks to Kay, the RPMs are now online as well.

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