Planet Eclipse

Ever interested in the thoughts of an Eclipse developer? Have a look at the recently launched Planet Eclipse containing a lot of Blogs.

Thanks for placing a "Get RSSOwl" logo on that page!


Updated to Drupal 4.6 - Search Disabled

We have just updated to Drupal 4.6. Some plugins like the alternative Search Module ("Trip Search") are currently disabled, since they are not yet supporting Drupal 4.6. They will be enabled as soon as possible.

Instead of searching, please directly read the FAQ in the Help section.


About upcoming RSSOwl 1.1.1

Just wanted to give some information about upcoming RSSOwl 1.1.1. The release aims to be a bugfix release with the exception that the ToolBar above the tree will be back in place. Thanks for all the feedback on this issue.

I am planning to release 1.1.1 directly after Milestone 7 of SWT, which is dated on middle of May. Currently the SWT Team is fixing a lot of bugs. Some of these are also very important for RSSOwl.


Being on internship for 4 months

Yesterday I arrived in Zurich (Swiss) to start my 4 months internship.

RSSOwl development will not stop, but either not continue at the current speed. I already opened RSSOwl 1.1.1 in CVS, but it will not contain new features. It is intended as maintenance release to 1.1 and should get released in some weeks.

People interested in the changes, please checkout via CVS and compile it from the sources.


RSSOwl 1.1 released

After three months of development, the next major version of RSSOwl is available.

Some of the new, stunning features include:

  • A ToolBar that contains most common actions like "Goto next unread News" or "Mark All Read"
  • The new Quicksearch allows to search inside a Newsfeed while typing
  • Import Blogrolls from popular services like Bloglines and synchronize the list of Newsfeeds
  • Popup Blocker for the Internal Browser
  • Usage of Apache's HttpClient allows to access Newsfeeds that are protected with Basic or Digest authentification
  • Added new language Hungarian, thanks to Bal√°zs
  • A lot of Usability and Interface Improvements
  • A lot of Bugfixes including Performance and Memory-Consumption Tuning

RSSOwl on MacWorld magazine

I just received the April 2005 issue of Macworld ( including a CD with "The best freeware for the Mac - 100 Free Apps".

RSSOwl is included, thanks to Tim Warner!

Since the version on the CD is rather old (1.0), I recommend to update to RSSOwl 1.0.2, or the new 1.1, which will be released today.


Back from vacation

I have just returned from my 1-week-trip to Greece . The weather was awesome :)

Now that I am back, last bits'n bytes are modified in order to get RSSOwl 1.1 ready as soon as possible.