RSSOwl on MacWorld magazine

I just received the April 2005 issue of Macworld ( including a CD with "The best freeware for the Mac - 100 Free Apps".

RSSOwl is included, thanks to Tim Warner!

Since the version on the CD is rather old (1.0), I recommend to update to RSSOwl 1.0.2, or the new 1.1, which will be released today.


Back from vacation

I have just returned from my 1-week-trip to Greece . The weather was awesome :)

Now that I am back, last bits'n bytes are modified in order to get RSSOwl 1.1 ready as soon as possible.


RSSOwl 1.0.2 RPMs

While Ben is on vacation it's my privilege to announce that RSSOwl 1.0.2 RPMs are out now, thanks to our RPM maintainer Kay Patzwald.



Out for holidays

I am visiting Greece for one week and will not be able to check my mails.


RSSOwl 1.1 Preview 2005-02-27 is out

The new preview of upcoming RSSOwl 1.1 is now available for download.

Please tell me what you think of the new ToolBar. As always, report any issues either by opening Bug Reports / Feature Requests at SourceForge or by mailing me directly.


A ToolBar for RSSOwl 1.1

Just implemented a feature that a lot of users have been asking for: A ToolBar containing buttons for common actions (like "Mark All News as read" or "Reload").

Currently the number of items is 10, with some space to the right of the bar. As this ToolBar will be static for 1.1 (maybe dynamic later), I am thinking of the items that should be included.

I would like to get some feedback from you, which items are mandatory for the new ToolBar. You'll get a chance to see the new ToolBar in the next preview release on Sunday.


Released RSSOwl 1.0.2 and RSSOwl 1.1 Preview

Update: Make sure to have a look at the new 1.1 preview-release 1.1 2005-02-27.

We are happy to announce the availability of RSSOwl 1.0.2 and 1.1 Preview.

If you are running RSSOwl 1.0 or any older version, please update to 1.0.2. A lot of bugs have been fixed and SWT was updated to the latest version.

If you are interested in what RSSOwl 1.1 will look like, have a download of the preview-version. Please report any bugs at our bugtracker on SourceForge. May the owl be with you, Ben