LH: The Best News Reader Application for Linux

Nice to see this story from lifehacker naming RSSOwl the best news reader for Linux.

Help spread the word about RSSOwl!

We think more people should know about RSSOwl. If you are the maintainer of a website or know someone that is, you can do us a favour and add one of our promotional buttons to your website, e.g.:

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You can find instructions on our Contribute page. Thanks in advance!

Do you know about Add-Ons?

RSSOwl is based on a platform that can easily be extended with additional functionality. We provide some add-ons that are worth mentioning here. If you open Tools | Add-ons | Find Add-ons you see a list of available add-ons for your platform. The most popular one is likely the Newsgroup reader that turns RSSOwl into a nntp-client (find out more here). Another useful add-on that was recently added is the Offline Mode that allows to stop all network access from RSSOwl as long as the offline mode is active.

With the same mechanism, you can even install additional languages into RSSOwl. Find the list of additional languages from Tools | Language | Download Additional Languages.

RSSOwl now available in 8 languages

Thanks to the work of our translators, RSSOwl is now available in English, German, Polish, Serbian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified). Stay tuned for upcoming Portuguese and French translations. If your language is missing, you can help out.

More translations please...

We are still looking for native speakers to translate RSSOwl into their language, this time we especially look for Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Japanese or Bengali as these languages are commonly spoken by many people around the world. Please read on here if you can help out, thanks.

More languages, native Mac Disk Image, new Linux Repositories

We added Italian and Polish versions of RSSOwl and there is still more languages to come soon. If you are missing your spoken language in RSSOwl, you can help out in translating.

Mac users will be happy to hear that RSSOwl for Mac is now provided as disk image. In addition to this new deployment format, the application is now a single executable application bundle that can easily be moved to the applications folder and started from there.

Finally I would like to point out our new repositories for Ubuntu provided by getdeb.net. More details are available from our page. Note that packages.rssowl.org is no longer actively maintained.

RSSOwl 2.1.2 released with first translations *update*

We are happy to announce the release of RSSOwl 2.1.2. This release enables the installation of additional languages into RSSOwl (from Tools | Language). Thanks to our team of translators, as of today we can provide translations to German, Spanish and Chinese Traditional.

We are still looking for more people helping out with translations. If you can help us, please click here for further instructions.

Update: Localized versions of RSSOwl are now available from our downloads page.