Help translate RSSOwl into your language

Since RSSOwl 2.1 has been released, more and more people ask for a translated version of RSSOwl. Currently, English is the only language supported and we would like to change that. We are now asking our fellow users to help translate RSSOwl into their language.

If you are willing to help out or know someone that could, please check out our translation wiki that lists all the details.

Upon submission of your completed translation you will get an exclusive free RSSOwl T-Shirt from

RSSOwl 2.1 released

We are happy to announce that RSSOwl 2.1 is now available for download. The 2.1 release comes with some exciting cool new features: Existing users of RSSOwl will see this new version showing up as update. New users should visit our downloads page to download RSSOwl 2.1 for your operating system.

PS: If you like RSSOwl, please leave a positive review at our SourceForge project page. Thanks!

FAQ updated on Google Reader Article Synchronization

Based on a lot of feedback we got from users testing the new Google Reader article synchronization, the FAQ is now updated with the top questions and answers.

One more thing: Google Reader Synchronization

I am happy to announce the final feature for RSSOwl 2.1 that has now been added to the 2.1 Beta: Google Reader Synchronization.

Any feed that is under synchronization control will synchronize its article read-state, labels and starred state with your Google Reader account.

Another cool advantage of using your Google Reader account for subscriptions is that you will never loose an article from any feed. Just increase the number of articles you want to keep per feed (up to 1000!) and RSSOwl will download them all.

Please refer to our Beta 2.1 Changelog page to find out more and download the beta.

RSSOwl 2.1 Changelog

The development on upcoming RSSOwl 2.1 has finally reached the milestone of being feature complete. From now on, the focus is on testing and performance optimizations.

While this is not an official call for beta testers, the nightlies of RSSOwl 2.1 are considered stable enough to be used by the brave and good enough to report some feedback.

For that, the RSSOwl 2.1 Changelog lists instructions how to safely install a nightly and provides an overview of the new features added.

RSSOwl 2.1 is in the making

The next release of RSSOwl will include lots of new features that I am very happy to announce today. Work is closely coming to an end on RSSOwl 2.1 and a public beta will be announced in June. It is hard to name the top 5 features, because there are many more. Here you go:

  • new headlines and list layout
  • redesigned newspaper view
  • news archiving
  • readability support
  • unlimited news storage

Stay tuned. I will announce the features in greater detail after the beta has been announced.

All new project page over at SourceForge

I am really happy with the new look of project pages at SourceForge. RSSOwl has been with SourceForge since the earliest version. Check it out here.

You can help spread the word about RSSOwl by adding a positive review there too. Thanks in advance!

PS: Expect some cool new things in next RSSOwl 2.0.7 (don't ask for a release date please ;-)).