RSSOwl 2.1 is in the making

The next release of RSSOwl will include lots of new features that I am very happy to announce today. Work is closely coming to an end on RSSOwl 2.1 and a public beta will be announced in June. It is hard to name the top 5 features, because there are many more. Here you go:

  • new headlines and list layout
  • redesigned newspaper view
  • news archiving
  • readability support
  • unlimited news storage

Stay tuned. I will announce the features in greater detail after the beta has been announced.

All new project page over at SourceForge

I am really happy with the new look of project pages at SourceForge. RSSOwl has been with SourceForge since the earliest version. Check it out here.

You can help spread the word about RSSOwl by adding a positive review there too. Thanks in advance!

PS: Expect some cool new things in next RSSOwl 2.0.7 (don't ask for a release date please ;-)).

RSSOwl 2.0.6 now available

RSSOwl 2.0.6 is now available for download containing some bugfixes and a few new features. Most notable, the Google Reader import is functional again. Existing users can easily update using the integrated update manager (Help | Check for Updates).

RSSOwl 2.0.5 is out

This new release of RSSOwl 2.0.5 comes with quite some bugfixes, performance and stability improvements as you can see from the changelog. Existing users can easily update using the integrated update manager (Help | Check for Updates).

Linux and Mac users should consider reinstalling RSSOwl completely as the framework for the user interface was updated for this release. This framework is not part of the usual update.

Experiences using RTC for RSSOwl Project Development

In case you did not know, we recently started to use a new tool for our project development. Over at I have now written a blog entry and recorded a video on how RTC is making it much easier for users and developers to follow the RSSOwl development.

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RSSOwl steps up to a new development tool

The RSSOwl Team is happy to announce a new home for the development of RSSOwl over at We have migrated all existing development data (including Bugzilla) to our new development and planning tool Rational Team Concert.

Take a look at the development overview for all the new development artifacts that are available for reading. You will find out that the RSSOwl project is now much more transparent as you have direct access to our Plans and the Project Dashboard giving a detailed overview of what's going on at the moment.

If you want to submit Work Items, please sign up for an account using the Log In or Register link. Previous Bugzilla users should use the same E-Mail address for registration to ensure that migrated Work Items are not loosing their original creator.