Google Reader Import is coming along

Just a heads up that upcoming RSSOwl 2.0.3 will support importing your subscriptions from Google Reader. This is the first step of synchronization, expect more to come in the future.

Ubuntu and Debian Repositories now available for RSSOwl *update*

Thanks to Rene for his hard work on providing Ubuntu and Debian repositories for RSSOwl 2.0.2 (32 and 64 Bit). Point your browser to For more information about the installation please see the README file.

RSSOwl 2.0.2 now available

Following our one month schedule for maintenance releases, RSSOwl 2.0.2 is now available with 30 bugfixes and enhancements. Existing users can easily update using the integrated update manager (Help | Check for Updates).

First update RSSOwl 2.0.1 now available

We just released the first maintenance version RSSOwl 2.0.1 with more than 25 bugfixes and enhancements. Users on Windows 7 will be happy to hear that RSSOwl is fully supported as of this release. For the first time you should be able to update from version 2.0 using the integrated update manager (Help | Check for Updates).

Solving issues on Ubuntu and Fedora 12

Heads up to those Linux users of RSSOwl. The recent update to GTK 2.18 is causing issues. Please refer to this entry in our FAQ to make the Owl fly normally again.

RC3 and Videos are online

With release candidate 3 we have reached our final candidate before announcing RSSOwl 2.0. We are still open to any feedback, just let us know!

In addition, there is now a bunch of guided video tours in the features section. Enjoy!

Website updated for RSSOwl 2.0

The content of is now fully updated for the release of RSSOwl 2.0. Take a look at the new overview to get an idea of all the features in RSSOwl 2.