RSSOwl steps up to a new development tool

The RSSOwl Team is happy to announce a new home for the development of RSSOwl over at We have migrated all existing development data (including Bugzilla) to our new development and planning tool Rational Team Concert.

Take a look at the development overview for all the new development artifacts that are available for reading. You will find out that the RSSOwl project is now much more transparent as you have direct access to our Plans and the Project Dashboard giving a detailed overview of what's going on at the moment.

If you want to submit Work Items, please sign up for an account using the Log In or Register link. Previous Bugzilla users should use the same E-Mail address for registration to ensure that migrated Work Items are not loosing their original creator.

RSSOwl 2.0.4 now available

Another month passed and its time for a new release. RSSOwl 2.0.4 comes with quite some bugfixes and enhancements as you can see from the changelog. Existing users can easily update using the integrated update manager (Help | Check for Updates).

There was a slight change in the way feeds are reopened on startup in case you have disabled tabs from the user interface. Please refer to this FAQ entry for more information.

RSSOwl 2.0.3 is out *update*

It is time for another release and RSSOwl 2.0.3 brings some nice new features. The most notable one is the new ability to import feeds from your Google Reader account using the import wizard. Existing users can easily update using the integrated update manager (Help | Check for Updates).

Update: I just released a minor update to the 2.0.3 release that fixes a rare issue where some feeds would not display properly. Just in case you wonder why you get another update poping up :-).

Google Reader Import is coming along

Just a heads up that upcoming RSSOwl 2.0.3 will support importing your subscriptions from Google Reader. This is the first step of synchronization, expect more to come in the future.

Ubuntu and Debian Repositories now available for RSSOwl *update*

Thanks to Rene for his hard work on providing Ubuntu and Debian repositories for RSSOwl 2.0.2 (32 and 64 Bit). Point your browser to For more information about the installation please see the README file.

RSSOwl 2.0.2 now available

Following our one month schedule for maintenance releases, RSSOwl 2.0.2 is now available with 30 bugfixes and enhancements. Existing users can easily update using the integrated update manager (Help | Check for Updates).

First update RSSOwl 2.0.1 now available

We just released the first maintenance version RSSOwl 2.0.1 with more than 25 bugfixes and enhancements. Users on Windows 7 will be happy to hear that RSSOwl is fully supported as of this release. For the first time you should be able to update from version 2.0 using the integrated update manager (Help | Check for Updates).