Updating from RSSOwl 1 to RSSOwl 2

Just a heads up, that the FAQ now gives you some advise on how to update from RSSOwl 1 to RSSOwl 2 to keep your list of subscriptions and folders. You can find the entry here. Thanks for holding on to RSSOwl 1 for such a long time, but we really recommend updating to RSSOwl 2 :-).

Using RSSOwl 2.0 RC1 from Eclipse

With the work on 2.0 RC1 we also finished a new version for RSSOwl integrated to Eclipse or any Eclipse based application. Just point your Update Manager to the following update site:


Let us know what you think!

Getting closer to a 2.0 Final Release

Heads up, we are very close on pushing out the first release candidate for the final 2.0 release. Expect more announcments over the next weeks with in-depth details on the cool new features implemented. Our plan is to make 2.0 final available in early Q4. We welcome any feedback from our users on the release candidates to make the 2.0 version rock solid and awesome :-).

Work on Milestone 10 has started!

After some weeks of not touching any code in RSSOwl 2, we are finally back to work on some essential usability features in M10 before declaring the availability of RSSOwl 2.0. The list of issues to resolve is quite long and we will keep you updated on things happening over the next months.

RSSOwl 2.0 M9 now available

We are happy to announce that the next milestone of RSSOwl 2.0 is now available for download. This release comes with some very cool features:
  • News Filter - apply actions on news automatically
  • New quick way of assigning Labels to News
  • Support for Phrase Searches
  • Improved Notifier
  • Multi Tabbed Browsing
  • Improved and secured embedded browser
  • Secure credentials with a master password
  • Automatically detect proxy settings (Windows)
  • a total of 107 bugs fixed
Download for: Windows | Linux | Linux 64Bit | Mac

A flash demo showing the new features in action is available as well.

For more information on RSSOwl 2.0, please visit boreal.rssowl.org.

Back from holidays, working on new features

After an amazing month of vacation in New Zealand I am back at home to work on some cool new features for Milestone 9. The news filter is evolving really nice. Not only will you be able to perform a set of actions on incoming news, you can also apply it on existing news. I will post more about it once it is polished.

Here is a list of noteworthy features I added the past days:
  • Play a Sound on incoming news
  • Re-Order Labels
  • New color picker for Labels
Stay tuned!

Tip #4: Bookmark Sets

Today I would like to make you aware of bookmark sets in RSSOwl 2. They offer you a great way of organizing your list of subscriptions into logical units. Consider the following screenshot:

As you can see, three sets (Home, Work, Vacation) have been created by using the Manage Bookmark-Sets action from the bookmarks view. Each set contains a list of bookmarks. You can switch between sets using the two yellow arrows in the toolbar of the view. Navigating between sets will make the list of subscriptions reduce to only those that are part of the selected set. You can move bookmarks to other sets either by opening the Properties of the bookmark and changing its location, or dragging it into another set inside the opened Manage Bookmark-Sets dialog.

Sets can also be useful if you have some bookmarks that you want to keep, but remove from your active set of subscriptions. Simply move them to another set. Once you changed your mind, you can move those bookmarks back to your active set.