How to use Mozilla as Browser in RSSOwl?

Both RSSOwl 1.x and 2.x support Mozilla (XULRunner) as embedded browser on windows. Follow these steps to make it happen:
  • Download XULRunner
  • Execute "xulrunner --register-global" from the command line
That's it. From now on, RSSOwl will use XULRunner instead of the Internet Explorer. Ben

RSSOwl 1.2.4 released

The RSSOwl Team is happy to announce that RSSOwl 1.2.4 is now available for download. Among minor new features and a couple of bugfixes, this release comes with better support for Windows Vista, the ability to use Mozilla as embedded Browser on Windows and some improvements to the embedded Browser on Mac OS X. See the changelog for a complete list of changes.

Download for: Windows | Linux | Linux 64Bit | Mac | Solaris

If you want to benefit from many new cool features, you should give RSSOwl 2 a try. Its currently in beta stadium but already fully functional. Visit for more details.

See what's hot in upcoming RSSOwl 2.0 M7

We have been very busy working on the next milestone 7 of RSSOwl 2 and made some great progress. Here is a sneak preview of four of the hottest new features. Expect M7 to be released in november. Read more...

RSSOwl 2.0 Milestone 6 is out!

We are happy to announce that the next milestone of RSSOwl 2.0 is now available for download. This release comes with some very cool features:
  • Live update of saved searches
  • Notification popup when receiving news
  • Faster search and relevance indicator
Download for: Windows | Linux | Linux 64Bit | Mac

A flash demo showing the new features in action is available as well. If you have used previous versions of RSSOwl 2.0, make sure to read the notes on how to update to milestone 6.

For more information on RSSOwl 2.0, please visit

RSSOwl 2.0 Milestone 5a is released

This release addresses some bugs in the previous version as well as providing support for connections through a proxy server. The full list of changes is available from here and downloads are available from


Flash demo of RSSOwl 2.0 M5 now available

I am back from the EclipseCon (it was just great) and finally had enough time to upload the flash demo. You can watch it from Make sure to turn audio volume on!


RSSOwl 2.0 Milestone 5 now available for download

We are happy to announce the availability of RSSOwl 2.0 Milestone 5. Keep in mind that this is a preview and not yet the final version. You will find more information and links to downloads from the new domain: