RSSOwl 1.2.1 released

The RSSOwl development team is happy to announce a fresh new version.
Check out some of the cool new features:
  • Drag and drop reordering for tabs
  • Open Feeds of a Folder in seperate tabs with one click
  • Improved Look and Feel
  • Favorites remember unread News even after a restart
  • Shipped as universal binary on Mac supporting both PPC and Intel
  • A lot of Bugfixes
Download for: Windows | Linux | Linux 64Bit | Mac | Solaris

May the owl be with you,

Post to from RSSOwl

There is an interesting tutorial on how to setup RSSOwl to easily post to using the "Blog News" command. Find it here.


Article on RSSOwl in german Java Magazin

I wrote an article about RSSOwl for the popular german Java Magazin. It was added to this months issue and the article is even featured on the front page.

More information is available here.


RSSOwl on Mac Intel

Now that Macs on Intel CPU are available, we plan to release upcoming RSSOwl 1.2.1 with universal binaries. So with that version all Mac users should be able to run RSSOwl both on Mac with Intel and PowerPC, using the same application bundle.


RSSOwl and Fedora Core 5

Thanks to Anthony Green, RSSOwl 1.2 is now part of Fedora Extras. Fedora Core is a linux distribution currently available as a test-version for the upcoming makjor release 5. Once FC 5 is out, I will post more details on how to obtain RSSOwl from Fedora Extras.


False spyware warning on rssowl.exe *update*

Some users informed me about the fact that Kaspersky recently detects rssowl.exe as Hoax.Win32.SpyWare. This is of course wrong and I already informed them. If you receive the same virus warning from any other anti-virus product, please leave a comment.

Update: The issue is resolved!

Mac version fixed and Linux RPMs released

Good news, the Mac version was updated and should no longer crash when managing favorites.

The RPMs for Linux 32 and 64 Bit are released today as well, thanks Kay!