Illustration for Dutch computer magazine

Just received an awesome illustration Metin Seven has done for a dutch computer magazine:

RSSOwl by

Thanks for this cool Owl!

Suggest feeds to be added to Samples in RSSOwl 1.2

Again it is your chance to suggest newsfeeds which are not yet part of the Samples in RSSOwl. Your suggestions will be added into the Samples list of upcoming RSSOwl 1.2.

Requirement: Interesting and active Feeds in English

Simply leave a comment with a URL or send it to me via mail.


Help us finish translations for RSSOwl 1.2

We are still looking for people helping us finishing the existing translation by translating the terms that where added during development of 1.2 (~ 20 items).

Required Languages:
  • none
If you speak one of these, please contact me.

Call for Tester *update*

We are looking for more people interested in testing RSSOwl preview-releases on Windows, Linux, Mac or Solaris.

If you are interested, contact me and I will invite you to the internal Tester-Mailing-List.

Update: Thanks for the big feedback I am getting! Of course all existing testers of previous versions will be informed about new preview-releases as well!

Tutorial now available in Italian and French

While the Italian tutorial was available for some weeks now, a French version has been added today.

Thanks to simon and cyril!

Updated RSSOwl Tutorial as PDF (German language)

Thanks to Diego Wegner, there's now a German RSSOwl tutorial. It's a PDF file, so all you have to do is download it, maybe print it and read it step by step. It really can't be easier to get to know RSSOwl!

Update: A new version has just been released.

If someone is interested in translating the tutorial to English, please let us know.

Big in Berlin

I am currently on vacation in Berlin with Tobias (webmaster) and we are having a great time here. Unfortunately the weather is more autumn than summer.

Ben and Tobi

More photos are online at
I will be back in Zurich by next week having only one month left in my internship (sad).