Package net.sourceforge.rssowl.controller

Interface Summary
IFontChangeable Interface for classes to change the font of the GUI elements

Class Summary
ChannelInfo If a channel has some informations like title, language, url... the ChannelInfo will display them in a Group that is clickable to expand it and show all informations that are available.
DisposeListenerImpl Disposemanagement in RSSOwl
EventManager The Event Manager is responsible to react on user-action.
FavoritesTree This is the Tree that holds the categorys and its RSS favorites.
GUI This is RSSOwl's Main controller.
MenuManager The MenuManager manages the disabled / enabled state of some MenuItems and ToolItems.
MessageBoxFactory Class for displaying a MessageBox in an easy way in just one method call.
NewsTabFolder This is the TabFolder that holds the opened feeds displaying a table with all news header and some informations about the channel.
NewsTable Class to create a table holding news from a NewsItem.
NewsText This is the ViewForm where a newsitem is displayed with Title, URL to the news and the description.
Quickview This is the RSS Quickview controll that is displayed directly under the menue.
RSSOwlLoader Class that loads the RSSOwl-Application and displays a splashscreen while loading.
RSSOwlMenu This is the Menu that is displayed on top of the application RSSOwl
TutorialBrowser This object is used to display RSSOwl's tutorial in a new shell that holds the internal browser widget.
ViewForm Instances of this class implement a Composite that lays out three children horizontally and allows programmatic control of layout and border parameters.

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