Package net.sourceforge.rssowl.controller.thread

Class Summary
AggregationLoader Load multiple RSSChannels from a TreeSet holding the favorites titles.
AmphetaRateThread This class is used to implement AmphetaRate functionality to RSSOwl.
ExtendedThread This simple extension of the Thread class uses a boolean flag to indicate wether it was stopped or not.
FeedAutoUpdater The RSSAutoUpdater checks a Hashtable every 5 seconds and reloads each Favorite which update date is before the current date.
FeedDiscoveryManager The FeedDiscoveryManager performs a search for RSS / RDF feeds on a certain website.
FeedLoader This Thread loads a newsfeed from its source and displays it calling the appropiate method in the main controller
FeedQueueLoader The RSS queue loader is a thread that loads feed from a Vector.
FeedSearchManager The FeedSearchManager performs a search for RSS / RDF feeds on a certain topic.
FeedValidator This thread is used to validate a newsfeed and give the results to the calling ValidateFeedDialog
ImageLoader Thread to load an image to a CLabel
ShutdownHook This Thread will exit RSSOwl in a clean way in case the virtual machine is terminated in response to a user interrupt, such as typing ^C, or a system-wide event, such as user logoff or system shutdown.
StreamGobbler The StreamGobbler class is used to handle input and error streams of the created process.
UpdateManager The Update Manager checks the version-file on a server for new releases of RSSOwl and displays a message in a new tab if a new version is available.

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