Class RSSOwlI18n

  extended bynet.sourceforge.rssowl.util.i18n.Dictionary
      extended bynet.sourceforge.rssowl.util.i18n.RSSOwlI18n

public class RSSOwlI18n
extends Dictionary

Internationalization for RSSOwl (i18n).
Supported Languages

o German - by Benjamin P. RSSOwl Administrator / Developer
o English - by Benjamin P. RSSOwl Administrator / Developer
o French - by Christophe Dumez RSSOwl Doc Translator (French)
o Spanish - by José Domínguez and Ruben
o Galician - by José Domínguez
o Danish - by Tonny Bredsgaard RSSOwl Doc Translator (Danish)
o Italian - by Claudio Fontana
o Dutch - by Joris Kluivers and Toon Geens
o Greek - by Jacaranda Bill
o Russian - by Sergey Rozenblat and Alexandr
o Portugues (Brasil) - by Marcelo Fenoll Ramal Tradutor
o Bulgarian - by Valeri Damianov
o Norwegian (Bokmål) - by Eivind Syverts
o Chinese Simplified - by Merlin Ran
o Japanese - by Takashi Komatsubara
o Korean - by Geon Goo
o Polish - by Ryszard Sierotnik
o Bangla (Bengali) - by Omi Azad
o Swedish - by Patrik Johansson
o Chinese Traditional - by Jerry Giant
o Finnish - by Samu Reinikainen
o Ukrainian - by Alexandr
o Czech - by Lukas Petrovicky
o Slovenian - by Jure Zemlji?
o Turkish - by Engin Erenturk
o Hungarian - by Balázs
o Thai - by Patipat Susumpow

If you would like to add another language to RSSOwl, feel free to contact me (

Benjamin Pasero

Field Summary
private static RSSOwlI18nEN defaultTranslation
          Default translation for RSSOwl is english
private  HashMap i18n
          Hashtable with: KEY => Translated Value
Fields inherited from class net.sourceforge.rssowl.util.i18n.Dictionary
languages, locales, selectedLanguage, selectedLocale, translations
Constructor Summary
RSSOwlI18n(Locale locale)
          Initialize i18n with given language
Method Summary
static Translation getDefaultTranslation()
          Get the Default Translation, which is English.
 String getTranslation(String key)
          Return the translated word for the given key or the english translation if no translation was found.
private  void switchToDefaultTranslation()
          Use english as default translation
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Field Detail


private static RSSOwlI18nEN defaultTranslation
Default translation for RSSOwl is english


private HashMap i18n
Hashtable with: KEY => Translated Value

Constructor Detail


public RSSOwlI18n(Locale locale)
Initialize i18n with given language

locale - Selected locale
Method Detail


public static Translation getDefaultTranslation()
Get the Default Translation, which is English. The Translation is created once, if not yet created before.

The default English Translation.


public String getTranslation(String key)
Return the translated word for the given key or the english translation if no translation was found. If the english translation is missing too, return the key.

Specified by:
getTranslation in class Dictionary
key - unique key
String translated word in the selected language


private void switchToDefaultTranslation()
Use english as default translation

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