Class RSSOwlI18nFR

  extended bynet.sourceforge.rssowl.util.i18n.Translation
      extended bynet.sourceforge.rssowl.util.i18n.RSSOwlI18nFR

public class RSSOwlI18nFR
extends Translation

French internationalization for RSSOwl (i18n).
Supported Languages

o German - by Benjamin P. RSSOwl Administrator/Developer
o English - by Benjamin P. RSSOwl Developer and Christian Hochhold
o French - by Christophe Dumez and Maurice Lanselle
o Spanish - by José Domínguez and Ruben
o Galician - by José Domínguez
o Danish - by Tonny Bredsgaard RSSOwl Doc Translator (Danish)
o Italian - by Claudio Fontana
o Dutch - by Joris Kluivers and Toon Geens
o Greek - by Jacaranda Bill
o Russian - by Sergey Rozenblat and Alexandr
o Portugues (Brasil) - by Marcelo Fenoll Ramal Tradutor
o Bulgarian - by Valeri Damianov
o Norwegian (Bokmål) - by Eivind Syverts
o Chinese Simplified - by Merlin Ran
o Japanese - by Takashi Komatsubara
o Korean - by Geon Goo
o Polish - by Ryszard Sierotnik
o Bangla (Bengali) - by Omi Azad
o Swedish - by Patrik Johansson
o Chinese Traditional - by Jerry Giant
o Finnish - by Samu Reinikainen
o Ukrainian - by Alexandr
o Czech - by Lukas Petrovicky
o Slovenian - by Jure Zemlji?
o Turkish - by Engin Erenturk
o Hungarian - by Balázs
o Thai - by Patipat Susumpow

If you would like to add another language to RSSOwl, feel free to contact me (

Benjamin Pasero

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.sourceforge.rssowl.util.i18n.Translation
Constructor Summary
RSSOwlI18nFR(String language, String country)
          Instantiate a new translation for a locale
Method Summary
protected  void initTranslation()
          Set up the i18n hashtable
Methods inherited from class net.sourceforge.rssowl.util.i18n.Translation
getTranslation, toString
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Constructor Detail


public RSSOwlI18nFR(String language,
                    String country)
Instantiate a new translation for a locale

language - two-letter ISO-639 code
country - two-letter ISO-3166 code
Method Detail


protected void initTranslation()
Set up the i18n hashtable

Specified by:
initTranslation in class Translation

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